Online Locker Buying Guide

Please ensure that you read this guide fully before confirming your purchase – in accordance with our terms and conditions. We hope this online guide will help you to make your purchase through the iab shop simple however should you need further clarification on any of the points within this guide please contact us.

If you have a large order please contact us for discounted prices!

What do our locker names mean?

Due the vast array of locker combinations we have available we have named the products in accordance with their credentials for example:                               1 TL 300 2 Door locker Solid Grade Laminate (product name breakdown)

1 TL – denotes the number of lockers within that tier

300 – denotes the locker compartment width (either 300mm or 400mm)

2 Door locker – the total number of doors

Solid Grade Laminate – will always be the furniture material

 Step 1: Select the carcass size

For this you need to decide on the compartment width of the locker. Our locker compartment widths are available in 300mm or 400mm. these are clearly separated out on the Webshop menu.

Step 2: Select the number of compartments

Lockers are available for a number of compartments and configurations. For example:

 If you have decided to purchase the 1 TL 300 1 Door Solid Grade Laminate, you will be purchasing a one door locker with a locker compartment width of 300mm.
If you decide to purchase the 4 TL 400 16 Door Solid Grade Laminate, you will be purchasing a 4-tier locker with compartments widths of 400mm with 16 doors

Step 3: Select the door colour

Lockers are available in a variety of colours, and this is where you can start to choose how the locker will look in your available space. For ideas, you could go bold and choose bright and colourful colour options, or you could use your corporate colours.

Step 4: Select the Lock type

A variety of lock options are available – please note lockers can also just have handles which are available for purchase through our accessories section. Lockers come with Assa lock and key or Aluminum Handle with Magnetic Catch as standard.

  • Coin return lock fixed cylinder
  • Coin return lock removable cylinder
  • Coin retain lock fixed cylinder
  • Coin retain lock removable cylinder
  • Cylinder lock

Step 5: Think about your locker design

Use sloping tops or infill panels to avoid dust traps. Cleaning is much easier with full laminate constructions. The material is scratch proof and easy to wipe down. Please bear in mind when designing your locker configuration and ensure that you order the correct amount of end panels and infill panels/tops to finish off your locker design. Please contact our design team should you need further clarification on this.

Remember to take advantage of our complimentary locker engraving service! Simply enter in the numbers required in the text box before you add your products to the basket (Please ensure that the numbers correspond with the amount of locker doors purchased, iab will not take responsibility for errors on your part)

Step 6: Select the quantity

This is where you need to decide how many lockers you need (please note: that is not how many compartments you need) and you will need to have an idea of how many people you need to provide lockers for.

For example, if you need enough storage for 50 people and have chosen a 2-tier door locker as you need some small hanging space you will need 25 lockers.

Example 2, if you need storage for 30 people and have chosen a 4-tier door locker as you need to store bags, folders and books you will need 8 lockers which will provide enough storage for 32 people, 7 lockers of this size will only provide enough storage for 28 people.