Solid Grade Laminate Sloping Top


Some lockers have a way of melting into the backdrop, providing a way to keep the hallways and locker rooms free from clutter, without drawing attention. Other lockers can stand stately and tall, placed as much for their appealing design as for the useful service they provide.

Sloping tops made from Solid Grade Laminate on lockers are often the factor that differentiates these two styles. But the sloped design offers more than just a sleek exterior.

  • Maintenance – the design of the Solid Grade Laminate Sloping Top wont collect dust as easy as a flat top and is more visible – when time comes to clean it can be just wiped down.
  • Lockers are purchased with the aim of creating storage space and be visually appealing. To reduce unsightly storage boxes piled on top of lockers – a Sloping Top would be the preventative product.
  • A Sloping top is the perfect way to achieve the finished look for your locker design

Please note price is per meter